Ceramic Tiles in Livonia, MI

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the many choices available. Ceramic tile comes in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. For example, natural stone is a trending style of ceramic tile. It gives a home the appearance of natural stone without the higher cost of the real thing. Some of the most popular shapes for ceramic tiles are hexagons, chevrons, rectangles, and squares. Ceramic tiles are versatile when it comes to being used in your home! They can provide new life to a kitchen backsplash or be the flooring of your bathroom.

Types of Ceramic Tile

There are a few different types of ceramic tiles to choose from, such as glazed tiles, floor tiles, and wall tiles. Each of these types are intended for different uses, but can work in many applications. Floor tiles are used for flooring, as the name suggests. But, glazed ceramic tiles are versatile and can be used for flooring or wall coverings. Wall tiles provide a unique appearance to whatever space they are installed in. Often, wall tiles are used for the backsplash of a kitchen, an accent wall, or a shower.

Ceramic Tile with Beaver Tile

If you are interested in ceramic tile in Livonia, MI, Beaver Tile is the best choice for your tile needs. Beaver Tile & Stone is part of the Olympia Tile network, which enables us to stock a tremendous amount of tile and stone products at incredible prices. We also offer tile collections from manufacturers around the world. From traditional to transitional to modern. Hand-made Craftsman to Mid-Century to Modern Farmhouse. We’re sure to have something for every size, style, project, and budget! You can contact us online through our website for more information.