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From Timeless to Trendy, Define Your Tile Style

June 22nd, 2020

Need to freshen up your home? Nothing says renewal like a kitchen, bath or mudroom renovation with refreshing tile. Here […]

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Wood or Wood-look Porcelain?

June 8th, 2020

Wood-looking porcelain tile or… real wood floors… What to do? Which to choose?

Do you have an active family? Is your dog the love of your life? Do you dream of being a chef on Food Network?

The perfectionist in all of us loves the look of a beautiful wood floor but, truth-be-told, the maintenance and the wear of day-to-day activity is a bit stressful. Will I stain it, will it scratch or dent? Enter stage left the amazing technology of porcelain tile manufacturers, so sophisticated that wood-look porcelain and its copied cousin, real hardwood floor, are difficult to tell apart!

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