May 2nd, 2022

When choosing your ideal bathroom wall tiles you will need to consider what the right sized tile for the space is, whether the tile is waterproof, how slippery the tile is, and more. In smaller rooms, like bathrooms, homeowners often choose smaller tiles with more unique and creative styles and textures to add to the room. Non-slip porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular options for bathroom and shower walls. 

What Tiles Are Best For Bathroom Walls?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular options for bathroom wall tiles. They are water-resistant and capable of handling the humidity and condensation that is produced by the shower. They are also easy to clean, durable, and stylish. Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular shower tiles because they add an extra layer of protection and provide a glazed look that protects the colors of the tile from fading over time.

Bathroom Wall Tile With Beaver Tile

If you’re looking for bathroom wall tiles in Saginaw, MI, Warren, MI, Sterling Heights, MI, or the surrounding areas, Beaver Tile & Stone has what you need. Our professional designers stay on top of tile design trends and help clients find the perfect product. Check out our gallery to see some of our work! We have bathroom wall tiles in stock for every size, style, project, and budget. To learn more about us, contact us online or call a showroom consultant at the location closest to you.