November 17th, 2021

A new tile floor, especially when the style is trendy and matches the rest of the house, increases home value. New tile floors can offer a substantial return on investment and completely restore or transform the look and atmosphere of a property. To maximize the value you will receive from new tile floors for your home you should consult with the designers at your trusted tile store. An experienced and accomplished designer will be able to provide you with valuable advice on tile design trends and which cutting-edge style will suit your home the best. 

What’s the Best Color For Your Floor Tiles?

If you are looking to sell your property sometime in the future, the best option when picking a new color for your floor tiles is to pick something that is highly sought out or something neutral that won’t fall out of trend soon. If you are selling your property soon you may be able to pull off a cutting-edge style floor tile design to maximize returns. If you are looking to maybe sell in the next couple of years or even longer, a neutral color is a safer option because they are known to stand the test of time. Different colors can be picked based on if you want the floor tiles to provide a cool, warm, muted, or bold presence. 

Tile Floor With Beaver Tiles 

Choosing a tile floor for your project is a big decision. Whether you’re a professional designer looking for advice from another professional, or a homeowner with questions, we’re always glad to help at Beaver Tile & Stone. We have been offering our clients exceptional tile and service for over 50 years! We service areas such as Sterling Heights, MI, Canton, MI, Livonia, MI, and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking for an exceptional tile floor, contact us online or call a showroom consultant at the location closest to you.